ResMa® Import Package

Evaluate all data centrally in one system

ResMa® Import Package

Import of energy, production and manual quality data

With the ResMa® Import Package, you can make all data from several different sources, systems or apps available in a centralised system.

Thanks to the automated import of external data sources, the ResMa® Import Package enables direct access to all relevant information in one system. This eliminates the need to manually process data from multiple systems and the data can be easily retrieved and analysed at the touch of a button. This saves valuable time in day-to-day business.

Your benefits

ResMa® Import Package enables the transfer of time series data from third-party systems so that all data can be analysed in one system.

External data sources

External data sources

Browsing external data sources (MS SQL Server, CSV)



Configure import jobs

Time series data from external source

Time series data from external source

Mapping time series data to measuring points

ResMa® Import Package


Browse external data sources, map time series data to measuring points, configure import jobs, execute them automatically in cycles and automate the transfer of time series data from third-party systems.

  • Browse external data sources (MS SQL, CSV)
  • Mapping time series data to measuring points
  • Configure import jobs
  • Execute automatically cyclically
  • Automate the transfer of time series data from third-party systems

Extend ResMa® Import Package

Add-on Packages

Extend your ResMa® package as an option. The modular structure allows you to use special and extensive evaluations and analyses. Find the ideal complement for you to fully benefit from the solution that can be used as energy management software.

Select your specialised package:

ResMa® Energy Package

The ResMa® Energy Package is a DIN EN ISO 50001 certified energy management system that supports you as energy management software.

ResMa® Production Package

The ResMa® Production Package offers you a detailed analysis of your machines and plants and enables the optimal use as monitoring software.

ResMa® Regression Analysis Package

The ResMa® Regression Analysis Package covers the requirements for the normalisation of key figures in accordance with ISO 50006.

ResMa® Recipe Package

The ResMa® Recipe Management Package enables the documentation of production processes for a sustainable increase in production quality.


Would you like more information about our energy management solutions? Then download our system description. Here we provide you with comprehensive information on everything you need to know about our software solution for identifying and documenting energy and process-based potential and deriving measures for optimisation. Only if you are sufficiently informed you can make the decision that is best for you and your company in the end.

Perfect complements

ResMa® Import Package is a software solution that centralises all data in one system. At Weidmüller GTI Software, we value modular software solutions, which we offer you with ResMa ®. Find out about the possibilities that await you with ResMa®.


Weidmüller GTI Software enables you to analyse all data in one system with ResMa® Import Package. If you have any questions about our software solutions and services or would like to obtain a customised quote, simply get in touch with us. Together we will find the right solution for you.

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