Broadly scalable Web-HMI/SCADA solution

The innovative HMI PROCON-WEB is the ideal human-to-machine interface. It addresses the requirements of the user and utilises the capabilities of modern technology.

A web browser is all that is needed to operate and monitor a single machine or a complex production process. With adaptive design options, it is possible to customise them as well.

From project planning software and machine-related visualisation to complex SCADA solutions in the process industry - Weidmüller GTI Software offers industrial software solutions that provide optimum support for your specific application.

Your benefits at a glance

Our HMI and SCADA solutions offer you a wide range of benefits. Profit from the extensive range of communication drivers including OPC and OPC-UA or open interfaces for integration into IT and web technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. In this way, every web-enabled terminal device can become a potential human-machine interface.

Enjoy our intuitive user interface that provides a modern look and feel through animatable dynamisation and gesture controls. Whether HMI application or SCADA solution, we support you all along the line.

Modular design

Modular design

The modular design of our HMI software and SCADA systems offers application-specific scaling of functionality.



Due to complex solutions, quantity structures can be adapted to the specific task.

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface

Our software creates a modern look and feel through animatable dynamisation and gesture controls.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive Design

With the help of an adaptive UX design, our software offers support for device-specific interfaces.

All control systems

All control systems

Benefit from our extensive range of communication drivers including OPC and OPC-UA and customised interfaces.

Multilingual capabilities

Multilingual capabilities

Our SCADA and HMI software is available in multiple languages (Unicode) and country-specific keyboard layouts. You also have the option of switching between languages, taking time formats into account.

Efficient Engineering

Efficient Engineering

With SCADA and HMI, you can configure and parameterise without any programming knowledge.

Style guide

Style guide

Our solutions enable the central management of styles for all objects and system dialogues, so that the interface can be completely implemented in your corporate design.



We enable the integration of customised UX designs and the respective client branding.

HMI/SCADA solution PROCON-WEB overview

PROCON-WEB is a highly customisable and third-party compatible visualisation software for automation applications. Its web-based architecture makes it scalable from a simple machine HMI to a SCADA system for complex plants and is therefore applicable to many industries. We offer comprehensive web HMI and SCADA solutions that can be customised to your business.

  • Simple engineering without programming expertise
  • Works on all end devices, whether PC or mobile end devices such as notebooks, tablet, smartphones
  • Based on HTML5 and JavaScript


Project management tool for your individual HMI

The PROCON-WEB Designer from Weidmüller GTI Software is a project planning tool that facilitates the implementation of your individual HMI. With our visualisation software, we not only offer a solution that can be used on any end device, but also provide you with the option of specifically adapting the UX design to your requirements. We are pioneers in our sector and are always looking for customer-oriented solutions.

  • Built-in style guide for central configuration of your specific UX design
  • Broad range of customisable controls and integration of your objects as Custom Controls that can be adapted to your corporate design
  • Fine-grained rights system with support for user roles and tasks
  • Modular structure for optimal adjustment of your HMI to different system configurations
  • Intuitive, thanks to convenient engineering with configuration
  • Modern user interfaces with layout concept and gesture support
  • Open, thanks to multiple export and import interfaces for further processing

Choose from two variants

Both versions of our runtime system are compatible with the same engineering tool, PROCON-WEB Designer. PROCON-WEB ES is particularly resource-saving due to the minimum requirement in the performance class of a Raspberry Pi. It is extremely easy to use and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of its functions.

With PROCON-WEB SCADA, you benefit from functionality for solving complex tasks and high scalability. Powerful projects are optimally implemented with our range of HMI and SCADA services. Convince yourself of our softwares!


for embedded systems as a platform-neutral solution

PROCON-WEB HMI/SCADA solution in use

As pioneers of web HMI with years of experience and thousands of customer applications, our PROCON-WEB has proven itself many times over in practice. With the help of HMI and SCADA, we create the perfect connection between humans and machines and automate processes. The result is more effective work and a more efficient business process.

We are pleased that our solutions have been successfully implemented, enabling the development of a web-based handheld remote control and the control of Automated Guided Vehicles - to name two of many other possible applications.

Manual control of AGVs should be as simple and intuitive as possible for the operator. In close cooperation and thanks to the flexible project implementation by Weidmüller GTI, we succeeded in developing a web-based manual remote control optimally tailored to our requirements in a very short time.

Alexander Stenke, Software Developer Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

HMI for the control of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in intralogistics.

Would you like to receive more information about our HMI and SCADA solutions? Then download our white paper. This is where we provide you with comprehensive information about everything you need to know in connection with our HMI and SCADA product. Only if you are sufficiently informed you can make the decision that is best for you and your company in the end.

White paper

From the switchboard to the cloud: Web-based visualisation solutions

The machine switchboard was replaced by the touch pad many years ago. However, this does not tell us much about the operating concept behind the machine. Proprietary systems continue to prevent consistent, company-wide networking. Web-based visualisations can support this kind of networking, as long as they are designed to be manufacturer-independent. They can easily be operated via the browser of any device – with intuitive gesture controls and individually configurable interfaces. Thanks to the client-server architecture, these systems can be expanded or adapted to new tasks as needed. The infrastructure can even be used for applications that go beyond the production process itself, such as for maintenance and quality assurance. With their openness and consistency, such software tools are a valuable aid in connecting a system to the Industrial IoT.

For more details start the white paper.

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Perfect complements to HMI/SCADA

At Weidmüller GTI Software, we want you to be able to make ideal decisions regarding your HMI and SCADA solution. Therefore, we attach great importance to informing and advising you comprehensively. As part of our engineering service, you receive the best support for our HMI and SCADA products directly from our experts. We put our accumulated know-how at your disposal to find a profitable solution for your concern.


We at Weidmüller GTI Sofware are pioneers in the sector of software development. Our solutions, such as SCADA, make your company's production processes more efficient and effective. Thus, with our HMI software, we enable you to achieve ideal communication between human and machine with adaptive design. More questions? Then our competent team is always at your side. We support you in finding the right solution for your individual situation.

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