More than visualisation software - from HMI applications in mechanical engineering to complex SCADA solutions in the process industry.



as a Windows application for complex tasks

Modular structure for optimal adjustment of your HMI to different system configurations

The high scalability and the extensive range of communication drivers such as OPC and OPC-UA as well as customer-specific interfaces are the optimal prerequisites for implementing any task, no matter whether it is a simple HMI or a complex SCADA system.

"Efficient engineering" with a clear goal: to create and maintain powerful HMI/SCADA projects with little effort.


Create user interfaces that inspire.

PROCON-WEB SCADA enables widely scalable and complex projects.

Use any terminal device

  • Works on all end devices, whether PC or mobile end devices such as notebooks, tablet, smartphones or wearables
  • Based on HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Individual PROCON-WEB server components are executable on different operating systems

Connect to any control system

  • OPC-UA as an open interface to all modern control systems
  • Many standard protocols such as Modbus-TCP and RTU
  • Available driver packages for Modbus, Siemens, etc.
  • Import function into engineering for the transfer of data points from PLC programming

Operate and monitor your processes

  • User administration with individual rights via roles
  • Device/site-specific rights
  • Mutual interlocks of input stations
  • Dead man functions and enabling switches

Document and analyse historical data

  • Recording of any events (start, stop,...) with different sampling rates
  • Integrated data logger functions according to the model of line recorders
  • History depth is adjustable

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