IIoT Gateway Package

Generate new, data-based services for your challenge

IIoT Gateway Package

Record subordinate process data and forward it to the cloud

The IIoT Gateway Package is the right start for the easy way into the Industrial IoT! The biggest advantage of the package is that it prepares you better for the future through flexibility and openness.

Record subordinate process data and forward it to the cloud
  • Efficient use of IT resources, since less than 20 MB of storage space is required
  • Central management of all apps on the gateway
  • Flexible use and stable process environment through Docker Container, and elimination of the need to start your own operating system
  • Convenient, simple to use web interface for project management
  • Comprehensive range of open communication standards allows the user to link to many commonly used control systems and OPC-UA energy meters

IIoT Gateway Package components at a glance

System Management

Central infrastructure components for coordinating all apps on the gateway.

Process Communication

Support of all control protocols and communication drivers.

Data Logger

Storage and visualization of historic values as charts.

Telemetry Gateway

Direct communication with the Cloud Connector in the cloud.

Cloud Connector

Initial connection to the cloud and responsible for the transmission functions.

All products of the IIoT software construction kit at a glance

The modules consist of a total of 9 software packages and over 30 pre-configured software components for a consistent method for recording, pre-processing and communicating, as well as analysing process and machine data.

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