Flexibly combine software components to create a solution

IIoT software is an important component of various digitalisations of industrial processes in different sectors. With it, companies can optimise and automate their processes to achieve higher efficiency and quality. Good IIoT software also makes it possible to collect large amounts of data and analyse it with the support of AI (Machine Learning) in order to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Weidmüller GTI Software with its Industrial IoT Solutions is your partner for a simple and efficient path to Industrial IoT. Digital solutions can be implemented more quickly with predefined packages and individual components. Our modular software kit offers numerous software modules that can be flexibly combined into individual solutions and integrated into the existing system landscape without interface problems.

The modular system of our Industrial IoT platform consists of a total of 8 software packages and 30 preconfigured software components for an end-to-end path from acquisition,

The benefits at a glance



Our powerful IIoT software enables unified, web-based configuration and engineering for pre-processing and visualisation of data.

Greenfield and brownfield

Greenfield and brownfield

The IIoT construction kit creates a solid basis for collecting and analysing valuable data in greenfield or brownfield applications.

Cloud or on-premises

Cloud or on-premises

The powerful IIoT software enables individual, platform-independent data analysis with the help of machine learning and creates added value via a cloud platform or a local installation with its own data storage.

Software from data to value

Software from data to value

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Modular. Flexible. Web-based.

All products of the IIoT software construction kit at a glance

In the modern manufacturing industry, IIoT software is an important component that helps companies realise various digitalisations of industrial processes in different sectors. With the software IIoT construction kit, you have access to a comprehensive collection of products that have been developed specifically for the needs of Industry 4.0. With our software packages, you can put together individual solutions for your specific requirements and benefit from uniform, platform-independent data analysis. Here you will find an overview of all products of the Software IIoT construction kit.

Base Package

Date acquisition , data pre-processing and communication

In order to be able to implement all applications optimally, it is important to have a powerful IIoT software as a basis. The Base Package is an excellent choice here, as it consists of the IoT Gateway Package, the Cloud Infrastructure Package and the Monitoring Package. With this powerful combination, companies can ensure seamless integration of their IoT applications into the production process and perform fast and secure transfer of data to the cloud. So if you are looking for powerful IIoT software, the Base Package offers you everything you need to create an optimal basis for your applications.

IoT Gateway Package

The IoT Gateway Package offers a platform-independent solution for connecting different hardware as a host. In this way, data from a subordinate process is reliably captured and seamlessly passed on to the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Package

The Cloud Infrastructure Package enables efficient management and communication of gateways to reliably capture and transmit data to the cloud and facilitates the management of users and clients in the cloud.

Monitoring Package

The Monitoring Package provides an optimal basis for the evaluation of data and at the same time ensures greater transparency of your own processes.

Application Packages

Data & business logic

With our IIoT software you have the possibility to carry out special and extensive evaluations and analyses through our optionally expandable packages. These packages offer a variety of features to optimize data analysis and processing to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy in data evaluation. You can easily adapt the packages to your specific requirements and thus maximise the performance of your IoT applications.

Select your specialised package:

Gateway Application Package

The Gateway Application enables local processing of collected data in order to build complex KPIs or trigger alarms.

Energy Package

The DIN EN ISO 50001 certification of the Energy Package of our IIoT software enables companies to derive efficiency measures and save costs.

Production Package

The Production Package enables a production-related and product-oriented evaluation of orders, a detailed analysis of production processes and an optimisation of workflows.

SCADA Package

The SCADA package enables the interactive operation and monitoring of complex technical processes with extensive logging.

Analytics Package

The predictive maintenance of the Analytics Package improves the reliability of application-oriented AI applications and minimises downtime.

All package functionalities listed here are already included in our existing software products and will be transferred to the new, innovative modular system step-by-step.

Implement IIoT software solutions easily

Software solutions for the IIoT can be implemented quickly and easily today by developers using low-code development platforms and visualisation software. The development process as well as the application implementation can be significantly accelerated with prefabricated modules. The visualisation also enables the simplified presentation of the results. With Weidmüller GTI Software's customised software solutions, the potential of the IIoT can be fully exploited.

The easy way to IIoT and automation

"From data to value" with our comprehensive and cutting-edge Industrial IoT portfolio.

Software and hardware perfectly coordinated. The modular construction kit enables customised ent-to-end software solutions and user-defined visualisations. Get the most out of your processes thanks to the low-code approach without any special previous programming knowledge.

Are you ready for the easy way to the Industrial IoT? We are at your side as a contact partner for individual software solutions.

More information about IIoT Software

IIoT software offers a comprehensive solution for the collection, processing and analysis of data in industrial applications. We offer not only customised consulting for the implementation of our software, but also a comprehensive engineering service to meet your individual requirements. With our Industrial IoT solution, you can benefit from improved transparency and efficiency in your processes. Learn more about our IIoT software and how it can support your business.


Our experienced software experts at Weidmüller GTI Software offer comprehensive advice to optimise your business processes. With our innovative IIoT software solutions, we support you in networking and automating your production environment. We analyse your requirements and develop customised solutions that help you improve your processes and increase your competitiveness. Contact us today to benefit from our professional consultancy services.

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