Energy Package

Energy Package

Energy Management. Derive efficiency measures and save costs

Introduce successful certification in accordance with ISO 50001 with the Energy Package.

Energy Management. Derive efficiency measures and save costs
  • Specific: individually tailored to requirements 
  • Measurable: open to all measurement technologies and control systems
  • Appropriate: Return of investment
  • Realistic: continuous improvement measures
  • Scheduled: regular monitoring of targets and review of effectiveness

Overview of Energy Package components

Energy Flow & Sankey

Energy flow modelling for identification of energy-intensive areas

PDCA Cycles

Derive measures according to PDCA cycles for continuous improvement

Consumption Analysis & Heat map

Identification of peak demand

Tariffs & Cost Center

Calculation of costs in consideration of different price tariffs (HT/NT)

All products of the IIoT software construction kit at a glance

The modules consist of a total of 8 software packages and over 30 pre-configured software components for a consistent method for recording, pre-processing and communicating, as well as analysing process and machine data.

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