Monitoring Package

Monitoring Package

Monitoring as the basis for IoT applications

Optimal basis for all IoT applications and transparency processes

Monitoring as the basis for IoT applications
  • Overview of all data points
  • Easily and conveniently exchange data across locations
  • Transparency for production planners, maintenance technicians, energy managers
  • Significant support to time and staffing resources through automated documentation support

Overview of monitoring package components

Data Points

App to display values and attributes for all data points.


Overview of all important customized displays.


App to display charts with historical data.


App for the interactive creation of reports.

Messages & Notification

App to process messages and faults.


Modelling and description of customer processes in the form of objects and functions

All products of the IIoT software construction kit at a glance

The modules consist of a total of 8 software packages and over 30 pre-configured software components for a consistent method for recording, pre-processing and communicating, as well as analysing process and machine data.

More than software

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