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Prepare your HMI for the future with the unique possibilities of PROCON-WEB ES

Individual software solutions

Modular. Flexible. Web-based.

Individually configurable & parameterizable, completely without programming knowledge

Create APPs or extensive IIoT solutions without programming knowledge. The low-code approach makes it possible to create industrial software solutions without the need for SW experts. Instead of programming, software components are configured. This allows ideas to be quickly and easily transformed into powerful applications or IIoT solutions. This accelerates digitalisation enormously.

With the customised software solutions from Weidmüller GTI Software, you can simplify operational processes and complexities. This allows you to effectively analyse your processes and take appropriate action in case of discrepancies. Particularly with IIoT solutions, you benefit with the visualisation software from the representation of complex interrelationships, as many sensors and actuators work together here. Our individual software solutions can be adapted to a wide range of requirements.

Our portfolio for the Industrial IoT

Configure instead of programming with the individual software solutions.

Accelerate digitization - with a flexible and open software kit

Implementing Industrial IoT solutions does not have to be complicated or take a long time. Our Industrial IoT software portfolio enables you to implement innovations and individual software solutions agilely and easily with the low-code principle.

The modular IIoT suite and preconfigured packages for the standard IIoT use cases enable the flexible and fast realisation of your projects – from the individual app to the scaling IIoT platform solution. Open interfaces allow individual further development.

In addition, you can use our products for HMI/SCADA applications, resource and energy management and automated machine learning for your use cases and combine them with the modular elements.

We empower you with our customised software solutions to solve your use cases end-to-end, make the most of your data and create a compelling user experience.

Accelerate digitization.

Accelerate digitization.

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Our portfolio for the Industrial IoT

Powerful software solutions for the implementation of various visualisations, automation and IoT applications.

More information about individual software solutions

Our experienced software experts at Weidmüller GTI Software offer comprehensive advice on powerful and customised software solutions for the implementation of various visualisation, automation and IIoT applications. If you have any questions, we are on hand to help you find the right solution - whether HMI/SCADA applications,Resource and Energy Management, Industrial IoT or Automated Machine Learning.